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Heartland Polymer Cabinets
Hand-Crafted Interior & Exterior
Weatherproof Cabinets & Furniture

Custom Homes & Decks, LLC is the only local authorized dealer of Heartland Polymer Cabinets in the state of Ohio

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Custom Polymer Cabinets


Heartland Polymer Cabinets are known throughout Indiana and Ohio for their quality. Offering a committment to workmanship with customizable features, Custom Homes & Decks, the authorized dealer for Heartland Polymer Cabinets, will customize your kitchen, bath, deck, shop, and business.
Heartland Polymer Cabinets' priority is quality that lasts a lifetime.

Custom Styles

Whether you want to maintain your current look or redesign your space, Custom Homes & Decks, LLC & Heartland Polymer Cabinets has cabinets to fit your needs and wishes.

Choose the overhead, base, vanity, and freestanding cabinets that fit

the configuration of your space.
We offer three basic cabinet fronts with custom door and drawer fronts

available upon request 

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Custom Finishes

Heartland Polymer Cabinets come in ten standard and five premium colors to support your lifestyle and compliment your space. Ask for details about additional colors and textures.
Our cabinets are easy to maintain while offering the beauty and elegance you desire.

Custom Handles

Choose from our range of handles, pulls, and stainless or soft-cloase hardware
to tailor your cabinets.  
The beauty is in the details and the details matter to Custom Homes & Decks, LLC and Heartland Polymer Cabinets.
Call us today for an estimate!


Let's Discuss 
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Proudly Serving

Geauga and Trumball Counties and Northwestern PA


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